By Oliver Stone

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 1991-12-20
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 3h 8min
  • Director: Oliver Stone
  • Production Company: Ixtlan Productions
  • Production Country: United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 12.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 2.99
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Academy Award-winner Oliver Stone's ("Natural Born Killers," "Born on the Fourth of July") highly acclaimed and Academy Award-winning docudrama chronicles New Orleans district attorney Jim Garrison's investigation into the assassination of President John F. Kennedy - controversially putting to the test some of the incredible details of the official "single assassin" and "magic bullet" explanations that have quietly plagued the nation for decades. Academy Award-winning superstar Kevin Costner ("Rumor Has It," "The Bodyguard") heads a tremendous all-star cast, with the real Garrison in an ironic cameo as future Supreme Court Justice Earl Warren, of the government's infamous Warren Commission. Leonard Maltin acclaims this dramatic tale as "absolutely riveting. . . superb. . . Oscar-winner for Robert Richardson's cinematography and Joe Hutshing and Pietro Scalia's phenomenal editing."




  • History of U.S through the eyes of Oliver Stone

    By ordinary reviewer
    When I think about this movie the first thing I remember is the bold and rich cinematography of Bob Richardson, truly in the top ten list of best shot films on the 90’s From the story point of view I think stone had to adapt the book which Garrison wrote; but who knows what happened to the poor president Kennedy maybe Garrison made the right assumptions out of the story and when you put yourselves in the situation it doesn’t seems that Oswald could have done the assassination all by himself...
  • Concerning the theatrical version vs. the Director’s Cut

    By Shashibiya
    At over three hours, the theatrical version of the film could hardly be called short. But it is better paced and more engaging then the longer, Director’s Cut, which adds nothing essential, and in the opinion of this viewer, runs out of steam. When the original version became unavailable on dvd (if indeed it ever existed), I made a point of buying a back-up copy of the videotape, which I still have, unopened. I was excited to see iTunes offer the original cut of the film. It simply plays better. A phenomenal film. The trial scene alone should be played in classrooms across the country.
  • Almost right

    By The Riddick
    JFK: The Smoking Gun documentary knows the truth. The one think missing was the fact agent Hicky in the follow up car behind President Kennedy had a AR-15 rifle. That’s why the Oswald rifle bullet went through two people. Oswald rifle only fired two rounds but the AR-15 round exploded just as it’s designed. Just watch JFK: The Smoking Gun
  • This movie makes us all ask the most desirable question in American history

    By macforever2012
    All top actors/actresses shines in their roles but it’s joe Pesci who’s role steals the show.love him or hate him Oliver Stone will literally leave no stone unturned.
  • Shortened Version!

    By The Maine-iac
    Where's the WHOLE movie! I want to buy the whole movie NJOT a shortened version of it.
  • The Definitive Movie on JFK’s Murder!!

    By Jayhawks Rule!
    This movie is simply brilliant. I remember the days leading up to the release of Oliver Stone’s movie, “JFK”. The mainstream media and many contemporary political forces were flooding newspapers, tv, and radio about how ridiculous and preposterous the JFK movie was and about how it attempted to alter history, and it was nothing but a fraud. After all, they said everyone knows that it was Lee Harvey Oswald who acted alone in killing our handsome, young, brilliant, and compassionate President. Well, the facts are...most Americans do not believe that Oswald killed Kennedy...at least not by himself! But the TRUTH is, as laid out in the film, Oswald was indeed a patsy. The TRUTH is THE CIA, together with LBJ’s support, assassinated JFK. And this is brilliantly laid out in Oliver Stone’s movie, and it is backed up with FACTS. Primarily it was JFK’s refusal to escalate the Vietnam War that got him killed. In fact, it was the “growing menace of the military industrial complex,” as described by Republican President Dwight Eisenhower, that killed Kennedy. Kennedy’s refusal to escalate Vietnam would have cost the makers of war billions of dollars. So if you want to TRULY KNOW why JFK was killed, WATCH THIS MOVIE!!
  • This is NOT a Documentary

    By Medic1138
    I don't believe many of the "facts" presented in JFK would stand up to much scrutiny. Some ideas are inspired, most are half baked at best. It is, however, unfortunate audiences can't get out of their own way when it comes to films that contradict or question what they deeply believe. The greatest sin this movie or any movie can commit is being poorly made and / or concieved. JFK tells us a story and does so with great talent, energy, and craft. It took home Oscars for Best Cinematography and Editing and oh boy did it deserve them. Any story, even if it's bunk, can be electrifying in the hands of a director like Stone who has a very deep well of talent in which to draw. It's not just a well told story, but a hynotically fascinating one that grabs you and doesn't let go. It's not a documentary nor does it claim to be. Film must be accepted on its own terms and whether or not it delivers the goods. JFK is often masterful in its execution. It stands as a testement to Oliver Stone's brilliance and how, regardless of subject matter, a film with some wonky ideas can be fantastic.
  • Good movie - factual nonsense

    By Furutan1
    This is a good movie but it is not a history lesson, as director Oliver Stone uses it as a vehicle for airing his conspiracy views, which are in direct conflict with known fact. (e.g., the Connoly bullet did not "zig zag" - the front seat was narrower than the rear and Connaly was nearly a foot closer to the center of the vehicle). Again, it is an intertaining movie and it's Oswald story is interesting. Just don't take the movie as unvarnished truth.
  • An Interesting Piece of Fiction

    By Raymiemed
    Oliver Stone brings us "JFK," and sadly, like "Birth of a Nation" some 80 years earlier, some people see it as history. It is based purely on "theories" which have flown around since Oswald fires the third bullet. And, like all theories not based on any facts, is pure fiction. Garrison is portrayed here as some sort of high-ground moral crusader seeking justice for our fallen President...but was in fact a publicity seeking nut interested in seeing his name in the paper. He did as much a disservice to the assassination investigation as Jack Ruby. It's an interesting watch, as long as you go into it (and come out of it) knowing that it is not a Revolation of history, but average Hollywood fare.
  • Brilliantly Captures American Responses

    By md.aus
    Stone's telling of the damage path of the Kennedy assassination and a variety of American attitudes reflecting upon it in the midst of the Vietnam War is masterful. One need not agree with Stone or any one of the several viewpoints presented in this overview of society. It is carefully crafted and immediately evokes verisimilitude for those of us who lived through those times. The story is about intellectual awakening, making sense and finding truth when you know you have been lied to. But Stone perfectly captures snapshots through characters representing segments of society (progressive liberals, right-wing militarists, racist Texans, police and media networks, closeted homosexuals, public investigators, the marginalized minorities, the second-class status of women, etc) which typified the 1960s. This movie is much more than a story about the conspiracy to remove JFK from power. It is an exposé of American body politic and the multiple conspiracies that allowed the people to a path of no power while their sons were sent to die in a questionable war that brought profits to a hidden hand. As a truth-seeking American, I highly recommend this film.