By Tony Giglio

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2008-02-19
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 1h 46min
  • Director: Tony Giglio
  • Production Company: Quadrant Pictures
  • Production Country: United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 5.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
From 376 Ratings


After a deadly bank heist, Detectives Quentin Conners (Jason Statham) and Shane Dekker (Ryan Phillippe) are drawn into a mysterious case where nothing is what it seems. Pulling the strings is a criminal mastermind (Wesley Snipes) who seems to kill without warning or reason. Abound with random acts of violence and deception - the only hope for survival is finding an order to the chaos.




  • lameeeeeeeee

    By sortoluis22
    the movie should be rated pg13 even rated pg13 have more openness
  • chaos

    By amcon13
  • I didn't like it

    By .TomCruise.
    Although Jason's acting was good, the movie itself was not - shaky camera work, story had too much useless information going on, the pace was too slow, a few of the actors felt like amateurs. I constantly felt like I'm watching people act and not drawn to the movie. It looks like a rookie director's attempt on making a complicated story. Would not recommend this movie.
  • Chaos

    By abrasivesparky
    Good Movie
  • Chaos

    By Tigger2009
    This movie was AWEOME!! never saw it coming
  • Not Good.

    By bcherry
    The cast is the only reason for the second star. I RARELY lose interest during a movie, and twice I thought about finishing my laundry instead. Seriously if you can't to decide on a movie, watch something good that you've seen a dozen times already.
  • Entertaining and certainly worth seeing

    By Paddlenround
    Ok...before reading this review you should know I have an unhealthy man-love for Jason Statham. There is something in his "I could care less and you are annoying me" manner that makes me enjoy every movie he has made. Moreover, he has made some of the worst films on the planet. "Transporter 2" was ridiculous. "Crank" was absolutely insanely stupid. But yet, here I go plunking money down on yet another one of his projects. Chaos is one of the better films in his catalogue. The story of a disenfranchised cop who is brought back on to a case because the criminals demand him is filled with some pretty worn out cliches. Statham is full of rebellion and anger over his mis-treatment and as such is endeared to everyone who he works with except, of course, his boss. The film plods along like most cop thrillers and has some good action. Snipes works his charm and Ryan Phillipe puts in a decent albeit derivative performance. In the end, it turns out to have some fun twists and turns and a relatively good story. Sure, an analysis of the film will give you enough holes to make 30 golf courses. However, in the end it's fun. I cannot tell you what happens but I definitely give it a thumbs up for a touch of cleverness in the story, decent acting and generally entertaining film. Go in with low expectations and you will be pleasantly surprised. I can tell you I always expect his films to be crap but I end up enjoying them. But...therein lies the problem.
  • Not as bad as everyone says

    By Kamika
    I liked this movie more than I enjoyed the inside man. The twists and plots really had me thinking. But hey I'm a Jason Statham fan so call me biased.
  • Lower all expectations

    By ccs227
    Predictable, and just plain silly and some points.
  • STATHAM!!!!

    By scooman
    He has got to be the worst actor that I have ever seen! He always sounds like he has a mouth full of stones or else he has a head full of rocks. He has ruined every movie that he's been in. The movie would have gotten 5 stars but for Statham.