FAT: A Documentary 2

FAT: A Documentary 2

By Vinnie Tortorich

  • Genre: Documentary
  • Release Date: 2021-01-01
  • Advisory Rating: NR
  • Runtime: 1h 20min
  • Director: Vinnie Tortorich
  • iTunes Price: USD 9.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 4.99
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Fat: A Documentary 2 is the sequel to the international sensation that delves deeper into the lies and myths surrounding the age old question: "What should I be eating?" "Common knowledge" regarding healthy eating has grown more and more confusing seemingly by the day. Vinnie Tortorich and a host of health experts talk about the conflicts between plant eaters and meat eaters and how hidden machinations in the food industry are the reasons why we believe what we do about food and optimal health.




  • Fatter

    By staycurious13
    Great movie just like the first lots of actual real facts the just work can’t wait for for the 3rd movie
  • Even better than the 1st

    By Summer-B
    I thought this had even more information than FAT: A Documentary.
  • Don't Be Scared of the TRUTH!

    By MichaelSinatra.com
    Watch Fat Doc 1&2 back to back
  • Life changing movie - thank you Vinnie!

    By Seannmh
    The information presented in these films is priceless. The second, this film, may be even more important, as the experts are given even more latitude to speak their minds. There is no phony science here and no product sales are on the line. Just information that works!
  • Glad I preordered!

    By WilyMBS
    Recently it has seemed as though the low carb community doesn't have anything new to say ... one book/movie/podcast/YouTube after another saying the same thing over and over again the last two years, even my favorite YouTube channels have started to effectively repeat. Vinnie managed to break out of that! "Fat: A Documentary" was not only a great introduction to the why's and how's of reducing carbohydrate and learning how to use fat for fuel, it was also an excellent summary of the history of the disastrous low fat agenda, brought on by bad science and corruption. Now, "Fat: A Documentary 2" is a logical progression of that story, with refreshingly new material shedding light on the anti-meat agenda and the insanity of fake meat. Very nicely produced, Vinnie is a true pro, acheiving what no one else in the space has done - getting out great looking content, and getting it out quickly! Extremely informative, also entertaining - this is a must watch! One thing - if you've not seen "Fat: A Documentary" then go watch that first! These are a pair of documentaries that really deserve to be watched in order.
  • Excellent!

    By Fratzj
    Great additional info to the first one!
  • Eye opening

    By PaulLupo
    Thanks Vinnie! This was a great continuation. You’ve inspired me to start NSNG.
  • Your Good Intentions Have Been Stolen

    By Capture1!
    Must see to learn how your good intentions have been stolen and how you can get them back using Vinnie’s help.
  • Fat 2

    By nicoy124
    Very good movie
  • Your good intentions have been stolen

    By Jckey7
    Compelling explanation of the science behind a low carb diet and how it works. It also addresses some misunderstandings and misinformation that has been spread about low carb foods, such as coconut oil, red meat, etc. You can eat a very diverse diet without grains or sugar(fruit is nature’s candy).