By Mel Gibson

  • Genre: Action & Adventure
  • Release Date: 2006-12-08
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 2h 12min
  • Director: Mel Gibson
  • Production Company: Icon Entertainment International
  • Production Country: United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 12.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
From 3,829 Ratings


From Academy Award winning filmmaker Mel Gibson, comes Apocalypto: a heart stopping mythic action-adventure set against the turbulent end times of the once great Mayan civilization. When his idyllic existence is brutally disrupted by a violent invading force, a man is taken on a perilous journey to a world ruled by fear and oppression where a harrowing end awaits him. Through a twist of fate and spurred by the power of his love for his woman and his family he will make a desperate break to return home and to ultimately save his way of life.




  • Truly Truly Masterful

    By Prin456
    This is a film where there is hardly any speaking and yet, the message is powerful. Mr. GIbson should have won the Oscar fot this film. Tirafe or not - My grandparents who are both hearing impaired watched this movie and LOVED IT!
  • Love Love Loved

    By scammersam
    I have been to the Tulum Ruins and Chichen Itza Mayan Ruins in Mexico and just had to rent this movie. Well worth the $3.99! I knew it was a movie and not a documentary. People... it was a movie... no history... just like most movies. I am going to have the 5 girlfriends that went to Mexico with me come watch it again at my house. You Go Mel👍🏻. Don’t miss this movie⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️
  • Mel Gibson is a masterful director

    By Nopositive666
    What an amazing movie experience. The story, the sets, the acting, the editing, the pacing, the direction - all of it is extraordinary in nearly every conceivable way. People should be able to separate the art from the artist. Because THIS is truly art. Mel Gibson’s personal life and personal troubles have nothing to do with his unbelievable talents as an artist. This is a fantastic movie and a brilliant vision. Definitely a must watch movie, like all the rest of the films Mel has directed...
  • Excellent movie but!

    By Binod-movie lover
    Thank you iTunes for adding movie to the US audience. I was waiting movie for years. I purchased movie both on digital and blueray; blueray quality is much more superior than iTunes movie. Digital movie has increased the shadow and it looks more darker than blueray version. I hope iTunes will upload 4k version or increase the shadow.
  • Add more languages

    By Edward Hernandez 310
    We need this movie in Spanish audio for them Spanish speakers. I wanna watch it with my family. iTunes add Spanish audio if you guys can as well make it 4K.
  • Great Film, but Subtitles Are Messed Up

    By Apar
    The subtitles for this movie are incorrectly encoded. The "auto" setting on my iPad's, iPhone's and Mac's players all display SDH subtitles in every setting except "off." SDH subtitles describe all the background sounds as well as any speech. Since the entire film is comprised of a foreign language, there is no way to understand what's being said without also seeing the visual descriptors of other sounds. While I'm glad this option is available for those who have hearing disabilities, I'd also like the option of having only foreign language translations only. Please fix!
  • Great Movie!!

    By GLISofUSC
    This is one of the best movies I’ve seen in a while. I love it
  • MIssing Subtitles

    By icouch
    Film is missing subtitles Otherwise great movie
  • Awesome film

    By Bryant91
    Great thrill ride
  • Apocalypto

    By A.B. c.d.
    Been waiting for this great pre-American history film