Richard Jewell

Richard Jewell

By Clint Eastwood

  • Genre: Drama
  • Release Date: 2020-02-13
  • Advisory Rating: R
  • Runtime: 2h 11min
  • Director: Clint Eastwood
  • Production Company: Warner Bros. Pictures
  • Production Country: United States of America
  • iTunes Price: USD 14.99
  • iTunes Rent Price: USD 3.99
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“There is a bomb in Centennial Park. You have thirty minutes.” The world is first introduced to Richard Jewell as the security guard who reports finding the device at the 1996 Atlanta bombing—his report making him a hero whose swift actions save countless lives. But within days, the law enforcement wannabe becomes the FBI’s number one suspect, vilified by press and public alike, his life ripped apart. Reaching out to independent, anti-establishment attorney Watson Bryant, Jewell staunchly professes his innocence. But Bryant finds he is out of his depth as he fights the combined powers of the FBI, GBI and APD to clear his client’s name, while keeping Richard from trusting the very people trying to destroy him.




  • This movie.

    By IrishPirQueen
    I’d LOVE to see this film. But I’m not seeing ANY me movie for FIFTEEN dollars. It’s greed– pure and simple.
  • EastwoodStillGreat

    By machmc98
    5 Stars. You won't find iTunes hawking this movie, stores are hiding it, most of Hollywood, mass media, and critics hate Eastwood ever since he made fun of Obama with an empty chair. This movie shows the media for what they are: a pack of rabid, childish, and morally bankrupt weasels. They’ve gotten exponentially worse since the decade this true event took place. Oscar will ignore it, but the lead actors in this movie deserve nominations (even Kathy Bates!). Clint Eastwood is a national treasure, he deserves the Medal Of Freedom.
  • Clint did it again!

    By Wal55455
    What a story...selection of cast phenomenal, story is tremendous and the speed of the storytelling is how only Clint Eastwood could do it. Must watch for anyone!
  • Proof that adults can be bullies...

    By Jorgelovesmusic
    Because of the thirst for media attention and easy conclusions, these bad people ruined a man’s life and it makes me very sad. This film portrays this even very well and it had me on the edge of my seat.
  • Richard Jewell is an honest portrayal

    By Penguin2222
    You can tell this movie did something right when the whole media went after this movie. They criticized one small detail and claimed it was false. The film is merely suggesting something and get the media is always silent on every other film that take a lot of creative liberty. I’m not a Clint Eastwood fan, but I am a fan of American Patriots who do the right thing and it is so humbling to watch and learn about a humble hero whose whole world is crumbling. Stellar cast and solid screenplay. There are a couple times when the film is slow, but it’s realistic which makes it forgivable. This film is for adults and not for kids or anyone else who only want to watch stuff like marvel.
  • Awesome

    By robbwvu
  • Strong movie

    By 77's fan
    This movie moves quickly through the story, showing the Olympics bombing. It exposes the corrupt media and FBI and how they conspired to wreck an innocent man’s life all for political points and money. These institutions are corrupted, sadly.
  • Hmmm

    By ScubaDyer
    I find it hard to enjoy a movie in which there are NO "good guys/women." Not a one. I was able to turn it off last night with 35 minutes left to see. There is still a chance.
  • Riveting

    By sowhatyouwilllive
    A shameful story of FBI persecution and media malfeasance. This movie is Clint Eastwood at his best. Kathy Bates deserves an Oscar for this.
  • Very telling

    By Always Improving...
    Complete truth of our media culture.